Thursday, April 22, 2010

A couple more

My blog was being rediculous so I have to post again to be able to put more pictures up. Sorry about that!!

More Layouts!

Here are some more of my pictures :D!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 of my latest layouts

In this layout I wanted to sowcase the flower girl by putting the picture in the center of a flower from the brides bouquet. I used half back pearls to furter accent the picture. The background is a cream pattern. The bride used butterflies in her center pieces so I wanted to inccorperate them into this layout by adding the butterflies to a few petals of the flower. I also stitched the stem of the flower and added a second flower to the bottom of the page. I punched a cirle and added another butterfly for the center of that flower. TO smooth the transition between pattern paper and the orange cardstock I added a border sticket wit a flower theme. To incorperate the title I used metal letters and placed them in the center of the flowers.

In this layout I wanted to showcase the wedding invitation. I took a large frame in the form of a postage stamp to frame all the elements of this page. I used pattern paper with the words save the date to follow the theme of the invitation. On the frame stamp I took 5 heart stickers and added glue and glitter for little sparkle. For the title at the top of the page I stamped the words you're invited wtih a glitterd heart sticker in the center of the two words. I wanted to keep the theme of mailing the invitation by adding a postage mark in the upper right hand corner of the page with the bride and grooms name and wedding date on it. Underneath that I have added another postage frame that I added glitter to and a die cut with the words love & kisses. I have also included my copy of the invitaion to the wedding and reception and to help the page flow I added another postage stamp frame with the bride and groom's picture in it and a couple of envelope stickers.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My award!

Thank you so much Sandra for this award. You are such a wonderful woman. I admire your work and cherish our friendship. Hugs and warm wishes!
10 Interesting things about me.
1) I am a mother of 4 wonderful boys. 2 I actually gave birth to and two I inherited when Chris (my hubby-to-be)and I got together.
2) I am an only child. Which is probably why I love scrapbooking. It is a hobby/passion I can do on my own or with a group of women.
3)I love shopping. Which is again why I scrapbook. There are always new products to buy. You never have enough goodies.
4) my most cherished possessions are my engagement ring, Chris's mother's wedding ring, a desk my father and I built, a cabinet tat my father built for me, a cabinet my grandmother gave me a weather bane from my grandfather and a rolling cart from chris's dad. All these items are in my scraproom or on my fingers.
5)I love watching youtube.
6) I love/adore the beach...Online and in real life.
7) I met my future husband while buying a car from him. Than I started selling cars.
8) olors.Probably in that order
9)I love Coke cola....No pepsi allowed. We don't ever have pepsi in the house because I do not like it
10) My favorite women in history are Grace kelly, Jackie Kennedy, and Lady Diana. All were very strong and independent women.
I nominate the following women for the beautiful blogger award
1) Kathryn @ life on the scrapbeach
2) stephanie @ with a grin
3)Jenn @live teach create
4)Michelle Roman
5)Alyson Commons
6)Wanda Contreras
7)Lori DiAnni
8)Vangie Dowling
9)Beth Miller
10) Shanta Newby

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello again

Hello everyone.
I wanted to give you an update on what I have been doing. Well first of all I am working on a mini for a friend of mine her name is Karin. Her and her husband (Mac) have 2 beautiful daughters Madeline and Presley. Maddie's birthday is on the 4th of July so I will give this to her for Maddie's b-day. My cousin Brooke is expecting her first baby soon. It is a boy (Mason) so I will be doing a mini for her. Then I am a volunteer at life on the scrap beach. If someone signs up for a swap and their partner fails to swap with them I volunteered to step in and finish the swap. It can be a mini swap, paper swap or a kit swap. There are several volunteers and my name was next in line. So I am doing a mini for a wonderful lady named Shanta. Yep I have a lot going right now but that is alright I like it that way. I am also doing a paper swap and a kit swap. But I have most of the supplies for these.
Anyway that is what is on craft plate. Tonight is the all night crop at the beach. I will be attending that and submitting a few pages for the challenges. Yeah. I love the all night crop. So what are you up to?
I would love to hear from you.
Finally I want to let you know I will be doing a rak of some sort very soon. I have quite a few subscriptions on my youtube channel that I feel it is about time to do a rak. I am also going to be adding more pictures and info on this blog. I think it is important that I promote my blog a little more. I want you all to know I will be selling mini album kits. I am really going to pursue this beginning next month. I think that with all the paper and goodies I have collected over the past few months that I start making kits. I am going to keep the cost down but provide as much of the items that I like to use in my minis as possible. Tons of prima, laces, fibers, ribbon maybe an ink pad, or glimmer mist or some sort of coloring agent. And I feel I should give back to those that follow me so I may even give a kit away every now and than to some lucky person that purchases a kit from me. Anyway I have some great ideas so please keep following me to see if you are one of the lucky ones.
Hugs and best wishes Tracy

Monday, April 5, 2010

What I have been up to

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all having a great day. The weather has been so beautiful here in northwest Indiana and I am loving it. Last week my 2 boys had spring break. They were happy to be out of school. Unfortunately on Monday march 15,2010 at 8:20pm my soon to be father-in-law passed away at Saint Anthony Memorial Hospital in Michigan City Indiana. He had an Aneurysm on his abdomen in the aorta. The doctors refer to it as a triple a. (AAA) We found out about it 4 years ago and they could not operate then because he would not have survived the surgery. Well they had no choice but to operate and he did make it through the surgery but died 20 minutes later. Michelle (his daughter), Chris ( his son &my fiancee) and I were there to let him know we loved him. Than he passed away.I do not believe he was in any pain. He will always be remembered. So my kids had to take a day out their spring break to go to the funeral. That was a very sad day for all of us. We are now getting trough it. Everyday gets a little easier. I did take my younger son to go see Alice in Wonderland. That movie was great. I really had a great time with him.
Now they are back in school. Ready to finish the school year and enjoy their summer vacation. For my older son,Mathew, he will be graduating high school and starting his new life as an adult. Wow how fast they grow up. I am currently working on making some satin flowers and working on a mini album for a friend of mine. I am about half way done. I am also involved in a paper swap, a kit swap, and a personal swap with a friend of mine in the UK. SO as always I am keeping busy.
Well I would like to thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment or ask a question Hugs and best wishes Tracy