Thursday, April 15, 2010

My award!

Thank you so much Sandra for this award. You are such a wonderful woman. I admire your work and cherish our friendship. Hugs and warm wishes!
10 Interesting things about me.
1) I am a mother of 4 wonderful boys. 2 I actually gave birth to and two I inherited when Chris (my hubby-to-be)and I got together.
2) I am an only child. Which is probably why I love scrapbooking. It is a hobby/passion I can do on my own or with a group of women.
3)I love shopping. Which is again why I scrapbook. There are always new products to buy. You never have enough goodies.
4) my most cherished possessions are my engagement ring, Chris's mother's wedding ring, a desk my father and I built, a cabinet tat my father built for me, a cabinet my grandmother gave me a weather bane from my grandfather and a rolling cart from chris's dad. All these items are in my scraproom or on my fingers.
5)I love watching youtube.
6) I love/adore the beach...Online and in real life.
7) I met my future husband while buying a car from him. Than I started selling cars.
8) olors.Probably in that order
9)I love Coke cola....No pepsi allowed. We don't ever have pepsi in the house because I do not like it
10) My favorite women in history are Grace kelly, Jackie Kennedy, and Lady Diana. All were very strong and independent women.
I nominate the following women for the beautiful blogger award
1) Kathryn @ life on the scrapbeach
2) stephanie @ with a grin
3)Jenn @live teach create
4)Michelle Roman
5)Alyson Commons
6)Wanda Contreras
7)Lori DiAnni
8)Vangie Dowling
9)Beth Miller
10) Shanta Newby

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